How to Add a Person VIP on Twitch?


The Twitch platform provides its creators with a wide variety of tools to reward their communities, whether it’s by giving them badges next to their names in chat. Besides moderator badges, the VIP badges (very important persons) are one of the most sought after. These badges include a diamond icon on a purple/pink background that shows who the most prominent supporters are on your stream. You can find out how to best use this award if you’re a new Twitch viewer or content creator.

What is Twitch VIP?

Twitch VIPs are channel-specific roles for the most popular users, chosen by the content creators, and they can be selected for any reason. It is common for these awards to be given to supporters who were there in the early days of the channel, who won a giveaway, or who have stood out as outstanding community members.

There will be other channels that will be totally dedicated to a small set of creators, which makes it difficult to get VIP from one channel if you watch a wide range of streamers. It adds to their appeal for fans that creators can only offer so many VIP roles (more on this later). Whatever the case may be, creators can give a VIP badge to users they feel deserve it.

How does VIP work on Twitch?

When you are given a VIP role, you will receive an obvious badge that displays next to your name. It looks like this:

  • As far as Twitch VIP goes, this is the first feature. It’s not discreet at all, but then again, that’s probably not the point.
  • As for Twitch VIP services, they do offer some perks that are actually sought after by streamers. Here’s a list of some of them.
  • When a chat is in slow mode, sub-only mode, or followers-only mode, users with the VIP role can chat normally.
  • If the link is disabled, you can still post it in the chat.
  • Rate limits do not apply to VIP users, so they are able to chat continuously with other users.

Detailed information is available on this website if you wish to find out more:

It is basically just enhanced stream chat capabilities for VIP users. It’s possible for someone like me who doesn’t follow a single streamer to achieve this, but for those like me who lurk around and don’t follow many streamers, it’s not possible. Then again, those people won’t be that bothered by VIP anyway.

How many VIPs can a creator offer?

Want to know how much you can assign as a content creator? In order to give VIPs, there are certain metrics that must be met. However, before any of the other metrics can take effect, the build a community achievement has to be completed first. A stream needs to have 50 followers and 5 unique chatters. You will receive 10 VIP slots once you complete this achievement. The more unique chatters you have, the more slots you will earn. They scale like this. Twitch currently offers 100 VIP slots for every 200 unique chatters you have.

A guide to becoming a Twitch VIP

VIP status can only be granted by the channel owner, and there are two ways to do it:

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Commands in chat

You can quickly assign a VIP role with a chat command by typing /vip (username) and it’s done in seconds. /unvip (username) can be used to remove a VIP role.

A dashboard view

The role manager tab is where you can make someone a VIP from the dashboard. If the user already has another role, you can add another role to them by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. If they do not appear in the list, add a new role.

What is the process of becoming a Twitch VIP?

VIP badges are awarded by content creators only, there is no doubt about that. Since the purpose is to convince the content creator that you are a valuable contributor and a positive influence to their community, it is imperative to make a strong case for getting a VIP badge. Because channel owners have different rules for who receives the VIP badge, it is impossible to make a guide that is 100 percent accurate.

Chat actively and positively

The road to VIP is paved with activity (but not spamming) and positive feedback in the chat. To figure out what the content creators like, observe how the existing VIPs and moderators communicate in chat – pay attention to the tone, frequency of messages, and how they respond to others. It’s important to keep an eye on new viewers and give them a reason to join. A content creator’s goal is to grow their Twitch audience and if you are actively helping them, that’s something that will certainly improve your VIP application.

Subscription gifts

Gifting subs helps creators build their communities (they get 50% of the cost of subs) and gives them a chance to make money. Many creators prefer getting $100 worth of gifted subs to just receiving a $100 donation. You’ll have to gift subs regularly in order to gain recognition, appear on leaderboards, help the creator grow their Twitch channel, and definitely improve your chances of becoming a VIP.

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