7 Things to Do Before You Go On a Long Ride

7 things to do before you go on a long ride

Riding a motorbike for long hours is not as easy as it may seem. Below are 7 tips to guide you on a long trip on your motorbike for a stress-free, relaxed experience.

A good night’s sleep

A good sleep the night before the ride can give you the right amount of rest to start your next day fresh. Anxiety does get to you and cause a sleepless night, but a proper shut-eye will perfectly set the ride up for the next day. Going to bed early is advisable for an early morning ride.

Motorbike in good condition

The equivalent of giving your motorcycle an oil change is giving yourself a restful night’s sleep. Get regular maintenance done on your motorcycle to ensure its smooth operation. This will ensure that you are not have to stop for any unannounced halts, which would make the pleasure of the journey less enjoyable. At the very least, you should replace the oil in the engine, lubricate the chain, and check the pressure in the tires before you go off.

Warming up

The motorcycle is not just a machine but also a system. It needs various of its parts to operate at an optimized condition to extract the best out of itself. This is not only in the hands of the motorbike itself but also the rider which is you. Warm up the engine for a minute when you start for the first-time early morning and let the engine come up to temperature. Next, the brakes and the tires also have to come up to temperature. So, be gentle on the throttle and the brakes for the first few hundred meters.

Stay hydrated, eat light

Having to remain exposed to the sun will be a trying struggle for you. Take in as much water as you can whenever and wherever you can. Or even better sip tender coconut water or fresh juice from roadside sellers. Eat a small meal so that you don’t wind up with an upset stomach while you’re on the road since you won’t be able to stop for a bathroom break.

Take breaks whenever tired

Motorbike rides usually start with a brisk you, but as the day wears fatigue will catch up to you and you will feel beat up eventually. This is when your body tells you that you need a break. Usually, it is not easy to charter a long ride but even a stop by the side of the road and stretching your muscles and hydrating yourself will give you the necessary break to refresh.

Travel light

It is essential that you do not over stuff your baggage with unnecessary items. Bring along just the items that are absolutely necessary. The performance of the motorbike will suffer if it is overloaded, but if you ride softly, you will be able to force a little bit more performance out of the motorcycle. If the motorcycle is overloaded, the performance of the motorcycle will suffer. To ensure that the bags are held in place in an appropriate manner, utilise harnesses.

Clearer vision, safer journey

If you ask me how fast can one go on a motorbike, I’d say, “Go as fast as you can see”. How much you can see decides how safe and fast you can ride your motorbike. So, if there is an obstruction which blocks your vision like vehicular traffic or a blind curve, this is a blind spot and anticipating a foreign object (other than vehicles) on the road is the next thing your brain should do. For a clearer vision, clean your visor as much as possible or keep a spare visor to use later on in the day.

If you make it a point to follow each and every one of these travel ideas, you will have an adventure that you won’t be able to forget for a very long time to come. We will have an experience that you won’t be able to forget for a very long time. You choose to act in this manner, you will have an exciting experience. You should definitely make getting this done a priority so that it may complete as fast as humanly feasible.


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